News from the Shed - April 2016

Hello fellow members,

With all that’s been going on lately on the course I just thought I’d give you a quick update on the green staff’s programme.

As you all know it’s been somewhat wet of late, in fact quite soggy for months but the weather seems to be on the upturn and there are signs of the course drying out well. This winter we spent approximately £8,500.00 on spares, servicing and overhauling pretty run down machines which already is proving to be money well spent. The greens have so far been, hollow tyned, scarryfied, overseeded and top dressed at a cost of approx. £1,600.00. The first two dressings of a five course programme of fertilization have been applied as will very shortly be obvious, just another £1,400.00. From not long ago having greens in poor condition I think they will soon compare favourably with any club in the area !!

Again I would thank all the eighteen members who gave up most of an entire Sunday to help with the work of clearing the greens of cores from the tyning. You know who you are so pat yourselves on the back. I’m sure the other hundred and sixty odd members will be appreciative of your hard work.        

The bunkers have now all been cleared of years of old sand, silt, soil and debris and will be refurbished with new or cleaned sand starting Monday 25th April. ( £1,100.00).

Hopefully we should be off the whites on a pretty good looking course without preferred lies for the Foster and Riley (doubles qualifier) on Saturday 30th April. Thanks as always to my right and left hands, Joe and Jethro for all their graft and perseverance.


  John Whitaker  (greens chairman)

This weeks competition is a 4BBB Stableford

Full Female Membership only £495!!


Stratton and Bradley win 4BBB with an impressive 51 Points!!



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